It is well known the arms length affection that exists between Posh and Elle. For months now there have swirled rumours, rumours that The Body covets the property of The Posh, rumours that The Becks did indeed goose The Body, resulting in rumours that The Posh keeps her friends close and The Body even closer. And when it comes to celebrities, rivals often bring out the best in each other. Celebrity friendly rivalries are even more competitive, especially when played out on a fashion stage with you, me, and Le Pappy as the judges. Unfortunately for Victoria though, against a formidable foe like Elle, she seems to come up short every time, not only in stature but also in style, as was the case this weekend in Rome for the christening of Elle"s little boy with the hot piece of Euro hunk known as Arpad Busson. Elle, as you can see, is all amazon supermodel in white - long, luscious, and loopy - appropriately dressed as the Mother at church and yet still sassy classy befitting her reputation, handily taking this round against Mrs Beckham whose atrocious dixie cup prom dress left much to be desired. Where she wanted whimsy, she ended with Walmart, where she wanted light and airy, she ended with loser assy, to say nothing of those bridesmaid wedding strappy heels. It"s unanimous - we the jury find for Elle. Photo source