They wanted America. After three tries, they’ve finally conquered America. America loves – and hates – Posh. This means she’s arrived.

As you know, Barbara Walters will interview the Beckhams tonight on her Most Fascinating annual special and the Spice Girls tour continues to generate wonderful reviews and Posh is closing the year out on the cover of Elle. The cover photo was released yesterday, now Creative Director Joe Zee has posted behind the scenes commentary and photos on the magazine"s blog.  Among some of Joe’s best quotes:

It was freezing cold and about to rain when we took this shot, and she"s in a bathing suit, in a public place—who else would do that? Honestly, she didn’t complain at all.

But of course she didn’t. This is a woman who was born to sacrifice for fashion, whose vanity knows no bounds. Why would she complain? She was made for this! Made for it!

Look at these killer platforms! She walked down the street in them like they were sneakers.

But of course she did. Victoria would rather amputate her own legs than be forced to wear flats. Please!

And the best best best Joe Zee observation:

One Japanese tourist cried when she met her!

But of course she did. Seriously…what have I always told you about Hello Kitties?

As for Posh on Posh:


“Some of the best, coolest stores are taking on dVb,” Beckham says proudly. “A year ago, they would have laughed. Maxfield, Fred Segal, Collette, Harvey Nichols…I"ve spent years banging those bloody doors down. There are so many-and I hate the word-celebrities doing clothing lines and fragrances, and most of them have nothing to do with it.”

On why she’s so obsessed with her looks:

Let"s go back. There"s someone you should meet on the playground at the Church of England school. See that chubby, pimply kid in the duffle coat with the hood cinched up against the cold and flying debris? That"s Victoria Adams, loser, loner, and- unbeknownst to the classmates pelting her with stones-future Spice Girl. “They were literally picking things up out of the puddles and throwing them at me,” Beckham says, cringing. “And I just stood there, on my own. No one was with me. I didn"t have any friends. People would push me around, say they were going to beat me up after school, chase me. It was miserable, my whole schooling, miserable. I tried to be friends with people, but I didn"t fit in. So I kept myself to myself.”

Candid about her limitations:
“It became very obvious from the start,” Beckham continues, “that I was never going to be the best singer or the best dancer or the best actress. I was never a "natural." ” She thinks about this. “You know, I"ve never been that good at anything, to be completely honest.”

Hitting the Jackpot:
Meeting David was “completely love at first sight,” Beckham says. “I remember it so clearly.” The Spice Girls were at their zenith when she flew with Fuller to a Manchester United match. David had yet to wow the world with his way of bending the ball. But he wowed her. She gave him her phone number on her airline ticket stub. “And he told me he went home and wrote the number on so many other things in case he lost it,” she says. “We found the ticket the other day!” They dated for months under the radar. “We drove around in his car and would sit in car parks and talk for hours and hours. We didn"t need to go out for meals. We didn"t need to go out for drinks. We just wanted to be together and get to know each other.”

Being VG is a full time job:

“I work seven days a week. And I so love what I"m doing. I could go shopping all day, which is what a lot of people think that I do. That"s their perception-that I"m a miserable bitch and go shopping all day and boss David about.”


You know I hate Bump Watch but many Spice fans have been pointing out a small, small barely there mound on Victoria in concert. Photos attached. Is that LaLa Beckham? Or did she actually eat a regular meal???

Good news if it actually is a baby, bad news if it’s not. Because once she gets word that people are buzzing about a bump, she’ll probably starve herself until the new year. VB’s self control is legendary.