November Rain. The video. The hottest video. Something about Stephanie Seymour, her chemistry with Axl Rose, her legs in that wedding dress, the sexy rock "n" roll way she tossed her hair around at the bar - don"t tell me you didn"t love that video. I won"t believe you. Anyway, as you can see, Stephanie Seymour is still gorgeous. Supermodels - they"re freaks of nature, don"t you think? Sure, she may have had a bit of work done but when you have to question it, when the evidence of enhancement isn"t clinging clearly off her face, I"d say that"s pretty impressive. Just like that horny maneater Elle Macpherson, seen here in London a few days ago. She"s got that look in her eye, doesn"t she? Thank Goddess the Beckhams are in Spain. Victoria"s much too thin these days to put up a good fight.