You will love this.

Although she really should, Victoria Beckham doesn’t believe in smiling. Victoria Beckham believes in sucking in – concave stomach AND cheekbones – for the pappies. Mouth in a perpetual pout, leftover dreams of supermodel ambitions never come true.

So what happens when Posh inadvertently laughs when the cameras are turned on?

Check it out – a frame by frame (my interpretation) play by play on Posh breaking character…love, love, love.

Leaving Heathrow on her way to LA this week, Posh attended by her hairdresser and her security team, giggling about something… and then quickly covering up, composing herself beautifully within four short shots, the smile gone in seconds, replaced by the ubiquitous cock-lips complemented by the stiletto strut.

All is right with the world again.

PS.  Ben"s sleep mask reads: F&CK OFF. I need one for my dog.