She hasn’t had to since the days of Spice. So it seems like she’s either forgotten or she never really learned how to in the first place.

Check it out – Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria cohosted an LG event in LA last night. Eva is accustomed to working with ladies. She’s been on Desperate for a long time. She knows the game. Posh however usually flies solo on the carpet. Her hard-posing is more often than not performed as a single routine, unless of course her husband is around, at which point it’s like a well rehearsed double dance, the benefit of hours spent together in front of the mirror.

She doesn’t practise however with other ladies. Which is why she looks so awkward about sharing in these photos. Maybe that’s just on the carpet. Maybe Posh is the best girlfriend a girl could ever friend up.

As you can see, Victoria wore her hair down last night, the first time in a while, after months of hinting that she was growing it out. Not really. And it looks good. She’s wearing her own creation, something called a “cloud” which basically means that if you have even one curve, this cloud will billow like you’re pregnant.

Here’s their LG ad below. This is the most I’ve liked Eva in a long, long time.

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