CAUTION: NOT SAFE FOR WORK Yet another addition on the ever growing list of reasons why Eva Green is quickly rising to the top of my Gwyneth List. Ordinarily I wouldn’t but hey – she says she’s proud of her nude scenes, per the London Sun, so why not celebrate her old school circa 70s europorn tits? In a world where plastic is considered preferable, where the standard is orange in colour and melon in roundness, where breasts are shaped like they came off a genetically manipulated orchard, more geometrically perfect than a circle, isn’t it nice to see what a real woman should look like? It’s one of the few redeemable qualities about my husband’s taste. He’s a locker room perv ordinarily…deviant and crass, you know how it is. But when it comes to “the guns”, the man I married hates fake, insists on real, and loves to watch the Independent Film Channel for French movies that celebrate the same. Some might frown, some might say blech – they’re weird and droopy and they point in the oddest direction…but you know who’s talkin’ there? It’s FHM, it’s Maxim, it’s Playboy, it’s Victoria Beckham. It’s a concrete celebrity jungle that has warped breast perception. I’m telling you…Old School has its perks – no pun intended. God Save Eva Green. Source