Celebrity is amazing. Celebrity is about variety, there is something for everyone, celebrity covers every spectrum. Here"s George in Entertainment Weekly: I won"t be running myself. I don"t think I am qualified for a job in politics. But I feel we need to make some changes. I am becoming the biggest fan of Barack Obama. He is the rock star of the Democratic Party. We need to convince him to run next presidential election. He is a great guy and super-smart and passionate about important causes. But if I did rule the world, I"d address the Darfur situation first. It"s genocide and it needs to be stopped. Then I"d fire Bush and his cronies. And we"d put more value on vacation, travel, cultural diversity, and education. And here"s Victoria Beckham, on on how she manages the pressures of daily life, "Nowadays I multitask, planning outfits while I"m doing something else -- getting ready for bed or taking a bath." Thing is…I love and worship them both. George forever, Posh forever. Thanks to Deanna for the Beckham quote