Posh on the cover of Hello Canada this month after the Spice Girls’ final stop in Toronto. During the trip, she also stopped in at Holt Renfrew to promote DVB and discussed the tour, her clothing line, and of course her ambitions.

My favourite quote from the article which she declared a while ago:

“I’m not in the music industry anymore. I’m in the fashion industry.”

She’s so fashion, you know? Actually, she IS fashion, haven’t you heard?

I worship this bitch.

Victoria also talked about her new tattoo:

De Integro was inked on her wrist which means: anew, over again, from the start – a personal and professional pledge.

Having forgiven David for his rampant cheating, the two reportedly renewed their vows and committed to putting the infidelities behind them. On the career side, Posh wants to take down Anna Wintour.

She’s supposedly landed the cover of British Vogue for April… but it"s US Vogue that has always been widely regarded as the real coup. Will Mrs Beckham ever, EVER be able to stick that feather in her cap?