In London last night – of course my girl Posh had to outshine the other two. Note the elegant but understated Geri and Emma while Victoria shows up in leather and spots and red lipstick just in case no one noticed. Love.Her. As you can imagine, all this has prompted yet another round of speculation about a Spice Reunion – ridiculous, really because if you think about it, any suggestion of a Spice Reunion would mean that Victoria would have to share the stage with 4 other people. Victoria Beckham, trying to create a name for herself as a stylist and a designer and a “personality” in her own right…what could Victoria Beckham possibly gain from a Spice Reunion? What could a Spice Reunion add to the Beckham brand? Please. In her mind (and she’s not wrong in this respect) Posh has moved beyond Spice. She doesn’t need Spice. She’s actually the only Spice who no longer needs Spice. And if she did agree to a reunion, it would be for no other reason than to do the others a “favour”…so she could lord it over their heads for the next 10 years until their 20th anniversary. Because that’s just the kind of friend she is. Love.Her. Source and Source