Heather and I went looking for suspenders on Robertson yesterday and when we popped into Kitson in desperation, we were shocked – SHOCKED! – that it actually wasn’t a dump in there. If you’ve been to Kitson, you know what I mean. They stock their sh*t haphazardly in these random bins, hundred dollar bangles crash around in tin containers, thousand dollar dresses are smashed in a corner, jammed in with knickknacks and tee shirts. It’s the anal retentive bitch’s worst nightmare. I canNOT shop at Kitson.

So we knew something was up when we walked in and things were tidy. Too bad we didn’t stick around to find out why. Because it turns out Victoria Beckham made a royal visit. Kitson of course was publicly critical of Posh last week about her DVB line, saying they were going to drop it from their stores because she wasn’t repping them properly and hobnobbing with the plebes who hang out there all day in hopes of glimpsing a star. Ugh.

Fast forward a few days and there’s Victoria making a very choreographed, pap frenzied visit to the store in an attempt to fulfill her obligations.

Unfortunately we were in Madison buying the most gorgeous Luella dress.

Still kills me that people think these occasions are accidental. Snort.

Photos from Wenn.com