Rumour has it, Victoria Beckham has had enough of Katie Holmes, unhappy with the fact that her protégé has now become more posh. UK tabloids are also reporting that Tom has chilled to his wife’s friendship with Mrs Beckham, supposedly because Victoria is a bad “thin” influence, subversively pressuring Katie to lose too much weight. Probably total bullsh*t but it is undeniable… they haven’t been seen together in ages. And even more intriguing, Posh appears to have found a new BFF.

Double dates with Kate Beckinsale and Len Wiseman and now Kate B has become her companion at the games.

Check it out – Victoria and Kate, with a lower case “e” at the LA Galaxy game on Sunday trying to out pout each other.

There’s something different about Victoria’s face…what is it? Fresh work? I think so, yes.