The LA Galaxy played DC United on Saturday – temperatures soared so Becks had to take his top off. Pity non? As always, David Beckham is the hotness. But … is it just me or is he looking a little lean?

Speaking of SHE…

While Becks travelled with the team, Posh stayed back with the boys and hooked up with her new Kate BFF Beckinsale to take them all figure skating. Since the other KatE, Cruise that is, has a real job on Broadway now, there is no time to trifle with the vapid. As such, Victoria’s had to find a new shopping partner.

Curiously though, the Posh has kept a rather low profile of late. There have actually been few gratuitous outings, few times that “Cruz or Romeo” have insisted on dropping in at Prada. Wonder what she’s up to. Maybe she"s secretly eating.

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