Oh Vicky. How she let us down. "member what I said yesterday about prom dresses and bridesmaids gowns? Yeah well here"s an example. So many things suck about this choice but in the interest of time, I"ll just name a couple. First of all - it"s a cheap shade of red. It"s like "Valentine"s" red…which is marginally acceptable on Valentine"s Day but certainly NOT acceptable at the Met. Next up - it"s too frickin" HomeBake Oven. Mary Hart from Entertainment Tonight would wear this dress. And as much as I adore Mary Hart, do you really want to dress like her??? Mrs. Beckham dropped the ball, y"all. Because on a night when Kate Moss threw down the gauntlet and Scarlett Johansson kicked some serious young Hollywood starlet ass, I really expected so much more.