Arriving at Nice Airport yesterday apparently on a minibreak from his duties with Real Madrid, coordinated and “camera shy” per usual. But this is what I love about Posh & Becks. They might “say” they don’t want to be photographed and they might plead with photographers not to take their photograph but somehow, someway in every photograph, especially photographs of them together, they always manage to look perfect. Matching gait, stride for stride, always holding hands, with him just a shade in front of her as if to say, I’m a manly man protecting my woman but not so much so to suggest that his woman can’t think for herself (hello Katie Holmes), and of course, the pouts , the patented Beckham pout, His and Her Versions just like their cologne – it’s branding at its most brilliant, see? Funny story though coming from Posh-haters in the UK about Victoria’s styling of Katie Holmes for the Harper’s Bazaar photo shoot. Apparently they’re trying to start a rumour that the spread was originally pitched to Vogue, and immediately shut down by Anna Wintour who basically told them to jump up her bony ass, and rightly so saying it was “degrading” to bring in Victoria Beckham of all people as a guest stylist. Not that I don’t think Anna is capable of such raging bitchery – of cours she is – but do take with a grain of salt – these days Posh Spice is enemy #1. Source