Thank you for the submissions! Keep sending them, along with your rationale. I love it! And yes, I"ve received the "15 reasons to watch the world cup" attachment over 150 times so sending that doesn"t count. You have to FIGHT for your footie, ok? As for Sweden"s Fredrik Ljungberg - call me insane, call me cruised, but umm…I don"t dig him. It"s the oily beefcake thing, you know? I can"t get that image out of my mind - the chippendales pose, the Hofftastic way he looks in those Calvin Klein ads, it"s too much for me. I prefer my athletes with a little less cheese and a little more “flaw” and to be honest with you, that pout is so affected, so Keira Knightley, I just don"t quiver. I"m sorry. I"m crazy. I"m sorry. So can we talk about Kaka now? Kaka from Brazil? The "white" Pele? First and foremost, I"m all over his name. Kaka. Kaka. Kaka. And then of course, I adore his boyish, gawkey cuteness, kind of like royal Harry but without the firehead. I also really, really enjoy watching him celebrate. Having a "hot celebration technique" is almost as important as bending it like Beckham, you know what I mean? And I heart watching Kaka fly the distance, arms stretched, fists pumping, face contorted, all macho and tough and proud. That sh*t gets me every time. Oh and one more thing. I"m a little in love with his wife. But seriously…isn"t she gorgeous???