Seen yesterday at the airport in Nice, apparently spending a little time chez Bono. What"s the latest? The latest is one of the UK dailies reporting that Spanish Beckham has finally been conceived - a growing bump the explanation behind Posh"s preference for "loose" fitting clothing of late or more accurately, the last 3 times we"ve seen her out and about. Not exactly the most slamdunk, confidence inspiring evidence ever, you know what I mean? And although nothing would make me happier than confirmation of a Beckham 4th, I"m not really buying the timeline on this round of pregnancy rumours, especially when you consider their summer schedule. Still…I suppose it"s something to hang our hopes on, non? Anyway, enough about Spanish and false hopes. Let"s focus instead on those shoes. I love those shoes! Only Victoria Beckham would board a plane with those f&cking shoes! Only Victoria Beckham would rock those f*cking shoes and those concrete tits and that pout and that Prada and still want you to think she doesn"t want to be photographed! Long live the Beckhams. Goddess bless the Beckhams! Ps. In case you"re wondering - I"m told they"re Louboutins. Christina Aguilera wore the same pair I think on TRL today. Shoes. Love. Poor. Sigh. Photos from Gossip Rocks