UK tabloids are reporting that Simon Fuller, the man behind the Spice, is working on a possible telly deal for my Posh, something about fashion, not quite as light as a reality tv show but a vehicle to showcase her sense of humour. And I know you think I"m blind to her chav but I’m telling you, she is much more amusing when she"s animated, when she"s not a torpedo titted pouting skeleton staring at you from a pappy lens. If you’ve seen Full Length & Fabulous, you probably have a small sense of what I mean. And if you want more of where that came from, you should definitely YouTube the Real Beckhams, chronicling their move to Spain, BEFORE the infamous Loos affair (Rebecca actually appears in one of the shots), where you get a glimpse of how they live - sort of - and how frickin" hilarious she is. My favourite though is a rarely seen documentary called Being Victoria Beckham, filmed pre-Romeo in support of her book and her album which dropped at the same time. There are of course your requisite eye roll moments - like when she insists she eats and isn"t anorexic or when she swags her way around TopShop - but overall, she"s pretty candid, discussing her disappointment with Geri, jealously ripping on Kylie"s Out of My Head, and - classic classic classic! - when she calls Jordan VILE after Jordan called her irresponsible for putting on a fake nose ring at a concert, criticising Vicky as poor role model to young girls by being an advocate for piercings - this from a woman who has purchased a set of boobs requiring a G CUP BRA!!! Other highlights include "chubby" shots of her at ballet and cute couch cuddles with her husband during which they tease each other about haircuts and Angelina Jolie. Seriously, it"s adorable and if you"re already a mild fan, you will love it. If however you can"t stand her, it will only add to your hate. Which just means you HAVE to see it. She’s endlessly entertaining, she’s a funny bitch with the best, and if you ask me, the Victoria Beckham Show is a fabulous idea. Check out La Posh returning to Madrid today with the boys after a boozy night out with the girls, putting all those premature Spanish Beckham rumours to rest…for now. Is just me or does she have a pants problem??? Just an inch…maybe an inch a half? Wouldn’t that be an improvement? Photos from Gossip Rocks