Look at her. LOOK AT HER!!!

Deliberately exposing a hot pink bra underneath animal leather/pleather…who else but this bitch? Who else but Victoria Beckham?

This is why I love her. Shamelessly, sinfully over the top, the best Chav has to offer. And trust me, she was NOT going for the Best Dressed Award tonight. She was angling for something else, see? She was angling not for approval but for discussion – talk about me, talk about me, I don’t need you to love it, I just need you to notice it…And no, I’ve never had my tits done.


Sadly for Posh however, she still needs to work on her off carpet game. Put her on a stage and it’s a different story, although she was greeted with a warm reception from the crowd. But mashing her up with Chris Tucker wasn’t brilliant and Victoria was awkward and unprepared and didn’t appear to want to do anything other than pucker her c*ck lips and stick out her concretes.

As for neglecting David once again – she’s headed back for Europe straight away, is expected to support her frustrated husband during the England qualifier against Estonia. Word is he wasn’t keen on her leaving again…but the prospect was just too tempting.

Making a splash at MTV and new friends as well…here’s Posh with Cam sharing footwear. The look on her face kills me – how she’s clutching Cam’s hand, how badly she wants to fit in, so desperate I can smell it.

The Beckhams are coming… can’t wait.