Some people try and try and they fail and fail. It’s a tough one to master, you see….the red carpet lips-slightly-ajar, come-hither-but-not-too-close pose that only Jennifer Lopez can sell so convincingly without conjuring immediate visions of a blowjob – see Victoria Beckham. Check it out – JLo last night at the LA Free Clinic event, owning the carpet as only she can. I nearly lost my sh-t when I saw this dress. I need a Christmas party dress. This is my Christmas party dress. And now I’m seriously considering extensions to make my hair look like hers – total gorgessity, non? In fact, it’s a testament to her incomparable gorgessity that she can make the ugly not quite so ugly – a feat only accomplished by the rarest of beauties, that somehow with her love and companionship, my eyes no longer feel violated when I gaze upon Marc Anthony. She’s the gift that keeps on giving, savvy? Source