She is the star of his campaign this season, featured in a series of print ads (click here for more ads from the Marc Jacobs campaign) beloved by gays and girls everywhere. And you know, when you earn the worship of the mo’s, it pretty much makes your life. Just ask Katie Holmes, although her mo is a midget chained in the closet.

So here’s Posh working her pose at the Marc Jacobs show to close New York Fashion Week on Friday wearing a sequined open back in wine with a pair of Louboutins shaded matching merlot. MUST have them for the Oscars! Needless to say, she totally owned the carpet. And as you can see from the smug ass expression on her pug ass little nose, she was pretty pleased with her. On the other hand, as you can see the tight ass clench on Marc’s tight ass little face, he wasn’t pleased with her at all.

Never steal a queen’s thunder. Especially a fashion queen. She will cut you with no mercy.

How long before Marc and Posh part “amicably”? I say 6 weeks.

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