Despite what you may think, this is NOT a wax figure of my Posh. It is actually her, in the flesh, at the Bambi Awards in Stuttgard, alongside Karl Lagerfeld who must have been in a good mood since he didn’t bitchbeat her concrete tits with his Bitchbeating Fan. Actually, the Bitchbeating Fan seems to be missing, though the fashion torture gloves are present and accounted for and not put into use... so can we infer that Concrete Tits don’t incite Karl’s wrath? I find that kinda surprising. Anyway, quite the gown she has on, isn’t it? Definitely tacky, probably too loud…but there’s something about the collar and the shoulders I like and the combination of material…I’ve seen worse, you know what I mean? Besides, it’s Victoria Beckham. Victoria Beckham doesn’t do subtle black dresses. Certainly not when she gets to parade around on stage and present awards. Frankly, what did you expect? Source