Feel like a schoolgirl right now but I can’t help it. And this is why paparazzi video is so dangerous. Because with the right subject, serious swooning can ensue.

It’s no secret, the fact that the Beckhams can’t keep their hands off each other. Some say it’s calculated image making, every move rehearsed and choreographed for the public. On her part? Not unlikely. On his part? I’m not so sure he can act as well as he plays. And I’ve now obsessed over it long enough to believe it’s genuine…perhaps because I keep imagining it’s me.

But watch for yourself and tell me…tell me the way he touches her isn’t pure molten loin quiveration.

Two clips:

Here and here, from their shopping day in Paris, same outing, two angles.

See the way he won’t let go of her hand, even when he changes direction, somehow with multiple adjustments, they remained connected. And how he hooks on to her pants pockets with his fingers – to me it’s just the unconsciously sexy way a man reaches for his wife because he knows every inch of her body. Same goes for when he slides his hand from her arm to her shoulder around her neck.

I’m sorry but this is like porn for me. And watching it is at once pleasurable and also extremely embarrassing. But I can’t stop…I admit, I’m totally addicted to their PDA.

Anyway, am pulling one out from the archives – one of my favourites of the two of them flaunting their love. F*ck…he’s so perfect it hurts me. Help.