Burberry may have deemed her too Chav for their brand but clearly Armani doesn’t have the same issues – as you can see he can’t seem to take his hands off of her. Or maybe that’s only because she’s wearing his dress and promoting his new Parisian location? Regardless, both robo-brides seem to be enamoured of the Italian couturier who, as you recall, also designed Katie’s rather assy wedding dress, and the new BFFs showed up in matching black to offer support – Victoria in full skirt plastic princess prom dress, Katie continuing to channel the look of a 70 year old Manhattan socialite: love the top, hate the bottom and given her expression, I do believe she’s turning into Nicole Kidman. As for recent rumours that have surfaced about Posh adopting Katie’s workout regimen to get in shape (ie thinner) in preparation for the Beckham move to LA? Total and complete rubbish. Why would Victoria Beckham need advice about starvation??? This is a girl who wrote the book on Thinnification – you think she needs more help??? Does Gwyneth Paltrow need assistance on how to be a stuck up, elitist bitch? Does Paris poll her friends for tips on sucking cock? Please. I understand the need to sell magazines but you’d think they could at least TRY to make it half way plausible… Tomato soup and a melon every other day – Mrs Beckham’s tried and true formula. It’s worked for years, it worked for the World Cup, and it will work for Hollywood withOUT the GMD’s supervision. Source