See? When she smiles it’s SO much better. And when you have a chance you should YouTube all her clips – much less plastic when she’s in motion, and you almost don’t even notice the concrete tits, especially when she’s laughing and fluttering about. Seriously gossips, when she’s not frozen for the pappies, Victoria Beckham is really, really engaging. Anyway, here she is celebrating Cruz’s birthday – love how he’s rockin’ the skull bandana! Apparently they went to some fast food joint for a children’s party. How positively pedestrian, non? And shocking too, considering in the past they’ve blown something like 25 grand on ponies and circus big top displays. Or perhaps the real festivities, ostentatious Beckham style, are actually going down at the weekend? Makes total sense I suppose though there are whispers she’ll be jetting back to LA again for Oscar. Rumoured to make an appearance at the Vanity Fair party with all the glassy-eyed scientologists and also, as reported by UK tabloids, going over to Katie’s to “style” her for the big event, which is actually kind of ridiculous. You’ll recall Armani designed Katie’s rather uninspired wedding gown and she made a very public show of support for him in Paris a few weeks ago so it’s a very good bet that Armani is dressing her on Sunday and given that Armani is Armani, why the hell would he need Victoria Beckham, much as I love her, to supervise his artistic vision? Besides, she’s probably much too busy figuring out her own wardrobe. Because Victoria is probably that kind of friend, you know? Me first, you an afterthought. That’s all. Source