As you can see from the attached, my colleagues at eTalk captured these exclusive photos of Victoria arriving in Toronto the other day, on what looks to be a simple business trip for a short few days before England’s next game on Sunday in Germany. As for what exactly her business is – I have no idea. Jeans? Photoshoot? Whatever it is, it’s unlikely that it’s scandalous. Which means you don’t care and neither do I. What I do care about is the Beckham illusion which is in full bloom of late not only because they “reportedly” renewed their vows just before the World Cup but also because the British rags are keeping their distance, hesitant to affect the team’s chances in the tournament. Football, you see, is DEFINITELY more important than gossip. However, I say they “reportedly” renewed their vows because these two never do anything without photographers around (did you see their wedding pics???) and so there are some in the UK who are sniping that the story was entirely fabricated to build good will not only for their marriage but also for the English captain on the eve of arguably the most important sporting event in the world. But if they lose? Look out, y’all. It’s game on, all over again. UPDATE: According to British papers, Posh has moved on to Winnipeg. Will keep you posted.