Don’t bother. I know she"s barely breathing. I might be a biased bitch but I"m not a blind biased bitch. But as I"ve said before, I choose to ignore her starving and plastic compulsions. Because you know what? The woman is married to the hottest man on a pitch. Can you imagine how much more bitter we"d be if she floated around with effortless gorgessity and great skin??? Here"s a girl with limited beauty and limited ability who has to STRUGGLE to keep up with her man. It"s a total Hollywood reality check, gossips. So don’t complain. Focus instead on her clothing - Victoria Beckham"s secret weapon. That belt is to die for, the shoes are a standing ovation, and the conservative crisp white shirt unbottoned for a peakaboo bra??? Pure fashion genius, gossips. Oh Vicky - I do love you, girl!