Precisely why I worship her: the Chav, the concrete tits, the c*ckblow lips, the posing, the posturing, and now this… Posh lamenting about being away from David, about how hard it is, how her heart aches at the separation, how her CONSTANT jaunts to Los Angeles to shop and househunt tear apart her heart because she misses him so much. I mean… couldn’t you tell??? Couldn’t you tell after the Golden Globes? Or the Oscars? At the Vanity Fair party? Depressed in designer clothing? Can you feel her distress? Can you read her distress? “I can cope with everything else, but being away from David so much makes me break down. I just sit and cry and cry. I can’t wait to wake up with him. I miss him so much.” Snort. And this is why I love this bitch. Because I think she actually believes her own bullsh-t. Source