Now her dress matches her skin. This is the best of Victoria Beckham today in NY at the Project Runway finale. She’ll be using her style expertise as a judge and as you can see she’s taking the responsibility very seriously.

LOVE that photo of the four of them – note that Kors, Klum, and Nina are all laughing but all Posh can manage is half a smile. Forced. Seriously, this woman is a smutty legend.

And she is also blowing diamond dust up her own ass. By now you know that the Spices are calling it quits prematurely on their reunion tour, reportedly because they’re at each other like cats. The Mels are supposedly not speaking, the Ginger has been isolated, the Baby is caught in the middle, and the Posh is too busy, selfishly managing her own brand to really give a sh-t.

Word is she believes, quite rightly, that she can exist without spice in her life, and so she feels no pain about cutting them off. Especially since her campaign for Marc Jacobs has become n a public relations home run, both for her career and for his label.

Attached – more cheeky ads from the series, poking fun at her own ridiculousness. Love, love, love.

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