Look, I’m all over the fairy tale. You know me, right? I love illusions. Case in point - my obsession with the Beckhams. Now what relationship is more manufactured than that??? So when it comes to Ryan and Reese, I am more than willing to take it at face value. When they walked down the red carpet all smiley and supportive, I ate that sh*t up. When he thumped her on the back and bearhugged her before her acceptance speech, I swallowed that too. I even bought the devotion in his eyes when she was dedicating her award to him and their children. And regardless of my inner smut, I BELIEVED y"all. I wanted to be had. But there is a line. And even I got a little tired of the after party, excessive cuddling going on between these two. Take a look. The intimate kissing, his attempt at swallowing her ear, the blatant and public display of affection… it was suspicious at best and rather insulting at worst. This is a couple that has gone to such lengths not to put their marriage under scrutiny. Before November, they hadn"t been photographed together in over 6 months. She hates the pappies, he hates the pappies, and they always do their best to avoid the pappies. So on this night, fresh off her Globe win, when photographers and journalists and gossips were present and watching around every corner, these two practically went out of their way to shove their love down our collective consciousness. Now am I just a cynical bitch…or do you smell what I smell???