Victoria Beckham is in New York being a fashion designer. Last night she was at the WWD Apparel & Retail CEO Summit wearing leather legwarmers that I’m actually kinda into and Louboutins that were two sizes too big. But pause.

She’s a CEO.


Is that a Spanx line?

So Victoria Beckham, clearly back to her pre-baby body, felt she needed some Spanx. What kind of a world is this?

Also, I thought the point of the Spanx was that it wasn’t supposed to be seen. They say there’s no roll, but in my experience, the Spanx always rolls.

Anyway, this morning, Posh was back at it, seen here with H7 tottering around Manhattan, evidently not worried at all about inconsistencies in the pavement. Maybe it’s just me. I’m extra-sensitive to tripping. I tripped on flipflops and broke my arm three years ago. But the Posh? Accidents avoid Posh.