It goes without saying - I love me some Posh. But sometimes, not even the most hardcore Posh fan can argue that she"s completely offside, particularly when it comes to her massive fake boobs. So you know Victoria is coming out with this book - her own style guide gleaned from years of fashion observation and fashion trial and error. It"s cheeky, it"s cute, self deprecating, and endearing too ...because Vicky tries really, really, really hard to get you to like her, to make you believe she"s just like you without being ashamed of wanting and needing your approval. Here"s what she said in a recent article with You Magazine to promote her project: "In most respects I’m very ordinary: smaller boned than average perhaps but normal height, normal face, normal hair, a girl next door who got lucky." Smaller boned than average…it"s a concession, y"all. You see the effort? I applaud the effort. The effort is sweet. The delusions, however, are not. Again, Victoria in her own words: "My fashion icons are Grace Kelly, Jackie Onassis, and my muse for all seasons Audrey Hepburn." EVERYONE wants to look like Audrey - who DOESN"T want to look like Audrey? Where"s the profundity in saying Audrey Hepburn is an icon? Thing is - you think Audrey Hepburn would be amused to learn that she provides inspiration for Victoria Beckham? You think Audrey Hepburn would rock the same concrete tits and those chav-alicious press ons? Have a look below - one of my favourite, favourite Victoria Beckham outfits of all time circa 2005. Now even though I love it, exactly what part of Audrey Hepburn could she possibly be channeling with this get up? Poshy. Please. Source