New US Weekly…and once again, Janice Min is killin’ it. 

I mean, holy sh-t, gossips… this is BOLD. This is a direct assault on Tom Cruise. This is basically calling him a sadistic freak, controlling his wife, keeping her sequestered, keeping her nailed down to the house, and she’s running to the Beckhams for consolation. The Beckhams however aren’t too happy with him either. With his relentless proselytising, his aggressive push to get them to convert to Scientology which Posh – bless her concrete tits – has so far rejected. 

Meanwhile Katie has calling her BFF nonstop – four hour tearfilled conversations lamenting her sad, tortured existence. Needless to say, it’s an extremely unflattering portrait of life behind on Cruise Compound…not exactly news to advanced gossips, but certainly a direct challenge to the Cruise Propaganda Machine AND the MiniVan Majority. It’s on, gossips. Praise Thetan, ah-Xenu...Janice Min is taking on Tom. Love, love, love. Source