The English and the Beckhams – a love/hate relationship, they say they can’t stand the Chav but when the Chav leaves the Motherland, it’s accusations of betrayal and disloyalty and greed, with Victoria positioned as the primary scapegoat. And you wonder why I’m an anglophile? According to UK rags, David was desperate to rejoin The Premiereship but Posh talked him out of it, preferring the glitz and the glam of Hollywood to the understated restraint of her British roots and in the end, they say Becks only agreed for the sake of the children, favouring American schools and security over their European options… Yet again, Victoria gets what Victoria wants. But while I’ve no doubt she was the main impetus behind the move, that it was her skeletal frame on both of his shoulders fanning his ego and furthering her own motives, another player has emerged to tip the balance - someone much more sinister and experienced, whose game is based less on shopping and superficiality and more on stealthy Scientological recruitment… None other than the Gay Midget Dwarf himself. Suspiciously quiet over the last few weeks, no Saturdays on the pitch, no monster sprees at Barneys, the only thing worse than TomKat PDA is actually TomKat MIA – when the plot can be smelled but not seen, as he schemes and strategises, as he retreats into the dark only to grow stronger…the real Puppet Master behind the Beckham Americanisation could very well be Tom Cruise who counseled David for a few hours prior to the official announcement, laying the foundation for a Gay Midget Alliance that already includes the Hollywood likes of Will Smith and Jennifer Lopez. Others call it Melodrama, I call it Machiavellian. And wouldn’t you know it, they happened to re-emerge on the heels of the Beckham announcement – see the Cruises out for dinner at the weekend. Coincidence or conspiracy??? Trust me when I tell you, there is more to this than meets the eye, so don’t be surprised if somehow, some way, a list of “Church-approved” charities conveniently shows up on the LA Galaxy community recipient calendar, with a sudden influx of new investment dollars that can be traced back to Thetan. Becks, you see, is the small fish…Philip Anschutz, on the other hand, is the perfect perfect Scientology candidate – if he hasn’t already converted. Chills, chills, chills… Source and Source