Inevitable…but also a little sad. As I’ve said over the last few days, the Beckhams are the essence of Excess, and while their blatant, unapologetic tackiness will most certainly blend in beautifully in Los Angeles, it is also undeniable that the soul of the celebrated Beckham Chav is 100% British - removing it from its foundation could have unforeseeable consequences. Having said that, how can any smut lover ignore the delightful possibilities this presents? Posh & Becks joining the Hollywood celebrity clusterf&ck, Posh & Becks with the Cruises every Saturday afternoon at the soccer pitch, Posh a constant presence on Robertson, Becks being serviced by a rotating bevy of eager beaver skanks itching for a place as the mistress and a piece of that record breaking fortune…do you love it, or do you LOVE it? And do you love how his contract with the LA Galaxy was reportedly negotiated by an entertainment power player as opposed to a sports agent? Indeed it was Simon Fuller who earned his commission, parlaying his Spice Girls experience into the athletic arena and securing the Americanisation of the Beckham Brand. But while UK haters insist on predicting failure, $250 million stateside with countless incentives on the back end doesn’t exactly sound like a resounding flop to me…I’m just sayin’… As for Posh and her pursuits, in addition to becoming a fixture on Melrose, UK tabloids are buzzing that she’s already angling for a guest appearance on Desperate Housewives (believable) and negotiating a gig as a fill-in host for Larry King whenever he’s on holiday which is, of course, totally ridiculous.