Just a quick backtrack: the reports that Katie will play Victoria in a movie about the Beckhams are total rubbish. Seriously y"all… If Tom Cruise had to go outside Hollywood to secure unconventional financing for future projects, how in f*ck would have been able to greenlight a film on Posh & Becks who I adore but who"ve also tried and failed to conquer the US not once but twice??? It"s a gamble not even he could afford. Having said that, this doesn"t mean that Victoria and David are not enlisting the help of the TomKat as they mount yet another attempt on America, and according to a new story in the UK tabloid The People, the Beckhams could: - sign with a football club in NYC - purchase a home in the Hamptons - buy their own jet so that the family can travel easily to and from England and - invest in a film project with Tom Cruise to help them build their brand in Hollywood. Sounds kinda farfetched if you ask me but still, while hesitant a few months ago, word is Victoria is becoming more open again to the idea, buoyed by her recent trip to Fashion Week and also by the increasing popularity (or notoriety) she"s seen thanks to the proliferation of The Gossip Blog - in other words, the Collective We. The nearly daily appearances by her concrete tits across the smutty universe have increased Posh"s profile stateside, with a higher public awareness today than during their last Waterloo three years ago, creating a much more fertile opportunity for a follow up attack. This time "round though, should the Beckhams decide to give it one more go, it would be a much more sound approach - contracts, development deals in advanced stages. Exclusive: an interesting tip - that Simon Fuller who is championing Victoria"s bid to be a tv star has had a few exploratory chats with Mark Burnett, reality tv mogul. Just a rumour right now but if true, another good sign things are ripe for the taking, though it should be stressed that any inclination towards an American migration is in its infancy at best and speculation at this stage about purchasing homes and aircrafts is probably very premature. Note also that there"s still Spanish Beckham to be considered, with Victoria said to be vacillating between having her sooner, getting the weight gain over with now so that she can hopefully close up shoppe and starve for the rest of her life OR capitalising on the current fortuitous climate, thereby putting off a baby girl for another 2 or 3 years. Will keep you posted. Source and photo from 2004.