The UK Daily Mail is reporting that relations might not be so friendly these days between BFFs Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham following a row the two reportedly had over weight loss – or more precisely, Vicky’s suggestion that Katie lose more of it before walking down the aisle. Posh also had issues with the Gay Midget Hair Style and told Katie to have him cut it before the big day. According to the tabloid, though Vicky meant well, Katie was very offended, being very proud of how she’s been able to shape up after the arrival of Little Sci. A delicious tale, to be sure, but seriously…is it really all that believable? First of all, girls like Posh need to be the thinnest in the room. It is only to her advantage that Katie dwarfs her so that she can look extra extra tiny. You know THAT GIRL, don’t you? The one who will tell you that you look like sh-t just to make herself look better? Why would Posh want to change that arrangement? Furthermore, would Posh really jeopardise her high profile hook up and her liaison with the Beckhams’ most famous friends??? Being a girl’s girl, vainer than vain, would Posh tell Katie she’s fat and risk losing favour with the Cruise Camp before she’s finished sucking every bit of free publicity out of their wedding and, most probably, their honeymoon? Please. My Posh might be anorexic but she’s also opportunistic. She’d never pull a move like this until at least AFTER the ceremony in Italy, where she can look at images of herself standing next to Katie in white – not the most slimming colour – and giggle satisfactorily at yet another successful skin & bones photo opp. Because as slender as Katie is these days, anyone is a beached whale next to Victoria Beckham. Check her out today fresh off her book signing appearance at Selfridges. I’d make love to that coat. I’d also make love to those shoes. Don’t forget - That Extra Half Inch comes out this week…I’ve so totally reserved my copy. Source and Source