Do you have a friend like this? Are you surprised that Posh is a friend like this? At The Ivy for dinner last night, because it’s the most private place in the world, Katie with her new BFF and neighbour dressed tastefully expensively casz in jeans and a jacket, very little makeup, hair unstyled – actually really cute. And then there’s Posh. Posh who decided to pull out yet another killer designer dress - don’t get me wrong, I do love this dress. But at The Ivy, with your girl, when you know the paps will be snapping - this was a deliberate upstage, an attempt to hog the spotlight…classic, vintage Posh. Or… Is it not so much a case of Vicky’s bad friendstyle than Katie’s very generous friendstyle? Knowing that Mrs Beckham is currently campaigning, knowing that she’s trying to lay down her own celebrity footprint in America, did Mrs Cruise graciously take a step back? The Perfect Wife, the perfect Mother…The Perfect Friend…Katie Holmes? Worthy indeed of the MiniVan Worship. X17