Their style has been much maligned. Personally? There is something about it I like very much. I like that I don’t see their billionaire hooters. I like that they’re not Mystic Tanned up the ying yang. I like that I can look at MK’s mouth without picturing a penis dangling from her lips. I like that pink is avoided at all costs. I like that they have shunned the unconventional. I like MK’s platinum blonde when she’s not draped inside an animal. I like that she’s rockin’ satin Molly Maid on top of her head and thick black liner. Call me Cruise but I like it all. What isn’t so cute however is Ashley’s Victoria Beckham. Because like Victoria Beckham it wouldn’t hurt to smile a little. And when Ashley doesn’t smile, when she puckers and pouts and tells you she’s not Hollywood Lite, she actually ends up looking f&ckin’ crazy. Cool is one thing, crazed and possessed is another matter entirely. Still… Olsens vs Hiltons? Olsens all the way. Source