David might be my #1 but David is nothing without La Posh. Vice versa of course but that is the golden glue, don’t you think? Sure, he’s great to look at and absolutely, I’d bend over in a heartbeat and still his hottest moments are when he’s flanked by his wife – the way he leads her, the way they never allow you to see them NOT touching, the way he possesses her thigh every time in the limo...beyond the hair and the pecs and the thunder thighs and the ass, these are qualities that make him hotness. And this is why I’d always much rather look at Posh and Becks than just Becks by himself…unless of course he finds himself, unclothed and sweaty, building a wardrobe with his bare hands in my bedroom. And given this is even more impossible than impossible, seeing him with Victoria really is the next best thing. Here they are at the airport in Barcelona on their way back to Madrid this week. See how he’s always just one step ahead? Guiding his damsel to safety? See also how ridiculously little her legs are, particularly from the back? Must the GMD wedding diet – Victoria needs to be the smallest one there, savvy? Source