Thanks to Jeanine for reminding me…my new addiction and I forgot to share. Those of you signed up to Victoria Beckham’s new website should have already received a couple of emails from *her* about her book launch…but have you seen the videos??? VBTV has officially launched with the first in a series of promised clips of my Posh doing her “fashion” thing which of course consists of international shopping trips and making fun of clueless Japanese tour guides and holding a melon up to her face…a melon that curiously resembles her hard knock boobs. If you’re a hardcore fan like me, you will love it. If you’re a hardcore hater, you’ll hate her even more – win win for everyone! Seriously though, Victoria is better in motion than she is in a still photo, if you’ve seen the tv appearances and the video footage from the documentaries (trust me, I’ve watched them ALL) and the gag reels and every clip you can find in a 10 hour sitting through YouTube, it is plainly obvious. She LITERALLY comes alive. Yes, yes…the cocksucking lips. Yes, yes…those tits, the posing, the scowl…yes yes to all of it. I KNOW. But when she’s moving and talking and giggling and SMILING – she’s really quite irresistible, SO much more likeable than you think, and I’m telling you…girl needs her own show. I would PAY for a Victoria Beckham TV show. I would buy a satellite and pay a monthly subscription for the opportunity to watch Victoria Beckham for an hour, every week, with an occasional cameo by her husband screwing her so hard her hair falls out. I would pay a lot. Click here to visit DVB - Enjoy! .