I think I’ve become numb to her dogface. Either that or she decided to tuck her balls away for the evening because my favourite hermaphrodite looks decidedly less ugly than usual. Good skin, cute smile, almost likeable, and GREAT footwear as usual. But while Cameron managed to hide her testicles, it looks like JT is still trying to find his. Bubble gum cutesy tootsy might have worked 5 years ago but these days, it’s just tired. I’m tired of the neverending boyman journey, a seemingly interminable puberty that lost its charm back in 2003. Do you find it baffling that his pipsqueak just won’t drop? David Beckham’s lizard voice might be a bit unsettling but I daresay Justin’s baby talk isn’t a distant second. So between HER dual genitalia and HIS questionable masculinity, is there any wonder why this is the most sexually ambiguous couple in Hollywood?