Check her out in the pages of the new Australian Bazaar - it"s a gorgeous shoot, except for the fake nails…Remember Vicky: what would Gwyneth do? Anyway, as I said, the photos are fantastic, several pages of gorgeous designer clothing in which she manages not to smile even once. And the article has its amusements too. She swears off singing, she swears off acting, she says her focus is now fashion only and ironically the Queen of Chav is planning to dictate style with a line of handbags and an expanded collection of sunglasses in addition to her jeans that will probably make a killing from Hello Kitties, though if she really wants to be taken seriously among the elite and avoid getting bitchbeaten by Le Karl and his fan, I"m thinking the press-ons and the concrete tits definitely have to go. I mean, COME ON. Speaking of the concrete tits - you ever wonder why it is that she refuses to fess up? She"s open about the fake and bake, she"s open about the weave, she owns up to everything else but her breasts (and his philandering of course). This time is no exception…it"s really the weirdest thing, especially since those junk ass extensions are way, way, way worse than a boob job, you know what I mean? And then there"s her complaint about the press, about the constant pappy intrusion, that she does regret her famewhoring past: "Seven years ago we did (sell) our wedding in a celebrity magazine and at the time it was the right thing to do. Would I do it now? No. Paparazzi follow us around... I don"t like someone in a department store watching me buy my knickers and bras. But that"s the way it is. Because of our fame, we have a lot of money and it"s enabled me to do what I want in fashion. But do I wish I could be anonymous? Of course. I don"t need to feed my ego that way any more." Do you buy that? I TOTALLY buy it. Especially when I think back to what she was wearing at the World Cup: the downsized daisy dukes, the itty bitty tanks with her guns at attention…after all, what screams anonymity more than hardcore nipples on display for, quite literally, a billion football fanatics watching on the telly? Anonymity indeed. Photo source