Today is World AIDS Day. Last year, 1.5 million people died from AIDS-related illnesses and 35 million people around the world were living with AIDS. In Canada, one person is infected with HIV every 3 hours. And a quarter of those who are HIV-positive in Canada don’t know it. And yet, with advancements in medical technology and new drug treatments, we can GET TO ZERO – zero infections, zero deaths – in our lifetime.

Awareness, however, is critical.

Advocacy is paramount. 

Education is everything.

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I grew up at a time when it wasn’t unusual to lose friends and family to AIDS. And now there’s an entire generation that doesn’t understand what that feels like…which is at once amazing but also concerning. Because complacency causes setbacks. We can’t go back.

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Here are the Beckhams tonight at the British Fashion Awards. The back half of her skirt is black. You into that?