Why am I exclamation pointing this title? Maybe it’s just me. I just got really excited seeing Posh pushing a stroller through LAX and not carrying H7 in her arms. And I got even more excited looking at pictures of her carrying one of those detachable baby seat situations that you put them in for the car ride.

When she left New York however, it was the usual. No assistance (at least not on camera). Just heels. And the baby at her chest. But H7 looks great in brown, non?

Victoria was in NYC to deal with her fashion line. While there she spoke with WWD about how she’s managed her business while giving birth and seeing H7 through these early, high maintenance months:

“There are quite a few video conferences at 5 a.m. with me in my dressing gown, holding baby. 'For me it's no different than it is for a lot of women out there. It's like juggling glass balls. I love it.”

I need someone on the other end of these alleged video conferences to take a screen cap, please. I need to know if she’s in full hair and makeup and 6 inch Atwoods at 5am. I suspect yes.