I really, really love these pictures. But first, I’d like you to note the caption that accompanied them from the photo agency:

Actresses Kate Beckinsale, Eva Longoria and designer Victoria Beckham attend the Vanity Fair and Chrysler celebration of The Eva Longoria Foundation hosted by Eva Longoria on Thursday, February 23 at Beso Hollywood.

So “designer” is Victoria Beckham’s qualifier now?

If you were talking to someone about Sarah Burton, and that person didn’t know who she was, you would say - oh she’s the designer, for Alexander McQueen, right?

Now if you were talking to someone about Victoria Beckham, and that person didn’t know who she was, would you say - oh, she’s a fashion designer...?


It’s amazing.

So here we are, at an event to celebrate Eva Longoria, and her girls come out for her, and they’re all sucking in and shoving it out, and credit to her, Eva truly does look like she’s having a good time while the other two are thinking about whether or not it’s a fat angle.

Photo Assumption the shot of the three of them sitting down all together as Kate leans away from Posh. Baseless conclusion: even Kate Beckinsale is worried she’ll look like a Size 2 next to Victoria Beckham.