The Spice Girls reunion tour is only 6 weeks ago, with kick off scheduled in Vancouver on December 2nd. As a warm up, the Spices will be performing at the Victoria Secret fashion show on November 14th that will air on December 4th which means the girls have less than a month to go to get their asses in gear.

And you know they won’t just stand up there half dead like Britney.

As such, it looks like preparations are beginning in earnest. Posh and Scary flew together from LA back to London yesterday, seen holding hands at the airport at one point in a show of solidarity. Wonder how long that’s going to last.

Already there are rumours that Geri and Victoria are battling for skinny supremacy with Geri supposedly incensed that Mrs Beckham’s costumes are better than the rest. The costumes of course are being designed by Roberto Cavalli and Posh just confirmed to the UK Daily Mirror that there will be FIVE wardrobe changes in total. She also revealed that the blonde bob is over…that there will be new hair on the way in time for the tour.

Tickets are reportedly very hard to come by. Can you believe after all this time, the Spices still own it?

Hasta Manana. Viva Forever… indeed.

Now I can’t get the f&cking song outta my head. Do you remember when they sang it with Pavarotti??? Had to watch the video here. So weird it still kills me. Especially how Posh’s solo was the shortest, like Kevin from the Backstreet Boys who couldn’t sing, but she can’t stop adjusting her hair!!!

This One is a lot less awkward. Skip to the 3 minute mark. Notice how Victoria can"t stop looking at the camera? Classic.

Sigh. Good times.

And now a comeback. Can’t wait!!!