She was in full costume today in London with Tana Ramsey (wife of Gordon) and all their children at a children’s play centre, rock climbing inside, pony rides outside. Victoria Beckham is obviously more comfortable this way. And the outfit must be worn with a few buttons left open, even during play time.

Victoria and the boys are in England while David of course is with the English team in South Africa watching them disappointingly draw even with the Americans. And a nation wept. A friend of mine sent over this link – click here – highlighting Becks’s handsomeness throughout the match, starting hot and happy and ending hot and miserable. The miserable is way hotter. Just me?

It’s been a long-ish separation for the Beckhams which is only getting longer. You can hate on her for many things, but she does dote on her boys. And a lot of the time on her own. Following the World Cup, the family is reportedly expected to spend the rest of the summer dividing their time between their castles in England and France.

Brooklyn is growing so fast it’s freaking me out. Like, that’s an almost-adult.

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