It’s like her boys are the Princes William and Harry and she’s grooming them for a life of public service. Here’s Victoria Beckham on the cover of the new Hello Magazine with son Brooklyn who has now become one of Save the Children’s youngest “celebrity advocates”.

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Posh and Brooklyn were in Clay County, Kentucky last week learning about the plight of disadvantaged kids in the area. Victoria also wrote about her experience. I have highlighted for you my favourite part:

'What I saw in Clay Country was the hope and promise inherent in every child. That’s why we have to make sure every single child has a fair and equal start in life. Seeing Save the Children’s innovative programmes in action, like encouraging healthy eating, I know that we can begin to reverse the childhood poverty crisis. I’m pleased Brooklyn is learning that by helping and joining other children he can play a role in making his generation the greatest yet.'

To be fair, Posh is smiling with the kids. And it looks like fun.

Today she was spotted at Heathrow after curling her hair on the flight. Also Mrs Beckham wants you to know that she already has her hands on the Louis Vuitton foxtail messenger months before us.

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