Sunday night she was supposedly pissy Posh when David and Tom Cruise were manwhoring right in front of her at Hyde. Not sure if I buy that story. I would have done if the plant hadn’t included details about Tom participating in the straight flirtation. Like, please.

Anyway, doesn’t seem like Victoria is dwelling on it. She jetted out of LA to London, arriving at Heathrow today, immaculately dressed per usual and yes… looking slightly less large in the chest region. Those tits are still as concrete as ever, no doubt, but they do seem smaller, in line with the reports that she’d been downsized, perhaps at Anna Wintour’s suggestion given her distaste for Posh’s plastic fakeness. 

Am all over what she’s wearing here though. And am shocked she’s not carrying a Birkin. Maybe Anna told her to chill on those too. 

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