Look at Posh’s face.

The foundation. The skintone lips. She looks hideous. F-cking hideous.

It’s Victoria Beckham today in Boston for the American Idol auditions wearing ten inches of foundation and bronzer. She had toned down this sh-t, you see, to appease Anna Wintour as she campaigned for that Vogue cover. Downsized the tits, eased up on the papping, scaled down that orange face.

Rumour has it Vogues’s in the bag for October. So now the chav, pent up for so long, has been released back into the environment. On the Idol train.

They say that all the other Idol talent obliged fans with photos and autographs. Victoria Beckham did not.


Fans are beneath her.

Check out Simon Cowell. Posh spends 5 hours getting ready and he shows up in a stretched out tee that probably hasn’t been washed in weeks, and makes more money than anyone else.

Photos from Shane Conway/Splashnewsonline.com